Nalin Sun Hand-woven Placemats - Set of 4

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  • 13" x 19"
  • Materials: Banana plant fiber and cotton blend
  • Set of 4 

Our choice hand woven placemats are created by traditional weavers from a blend of the banana plant bark and cotton.

Treated as agricultural waste, banana plants would head for the landfill once the fruit was harvested. This has since changed. The bark of banana plants is now being transformed into strong, durable, and renewable ropes twisted by hand, which are used in the creation of these exquisite handmade placemats. Spoil yourself or gift a loved one!! 

How It's Made: 

Fair Trade artisans handcraft warm and natural creations for the home, using more than a dozen local agricultural byproducts, including banana bark and river grass. These artisans work with their hands, skillfully twisting, braiding and weaving earth friendly raw materials into products inspired by nature.