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Blackberry Pillow



  • 18" x 18" 
  • 100% organic, cruelty-free silk
  • Plain Cotton Back
  • Hand-spun and hand-woven on bamboo looms by indigenous women weavers from Northeast India
  • Azo free dyes

From gathering of empty cocoon shells, to the end product, this creation is simply pure! No pesticide, chemicals, or modern machines were used during any of the production process – starting with the patient wait for silk worms to live out their life cycles, metamorphose into moths and vacate their cocoons, to attaching of the final trimmings.

Cruelty-free means no silk worms were killed or harmed in the silk making process. A minimalist design complements its luxurious texture & fine elegance. Low impact in every sense, including water usage, this product may be down-to-earth, but for your home it’s pure indulgence!

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