Winnoby is an online boutique with a carefully curated collection of modern and minimalist home pieces.

Whether it’s a set of baskets handwoven in Senegal, blankets expertly loomed in Chiapas, a wool rug crafted by master weavers in India, or a chair carefully constructed here in the states, our pieces are mindfully chosen to create a space where your family can feel safe, happy, and proud.

Form and function come together with our line of upholstery and case goods, while various home accessories add finishing touches with texture and charm.

You don’t need a lot of things, you just need the right things, and we hope our simple yet beautiful selection inspires you to create your home's well edited story.



Every day I find myself doing things to make my surroundings better. The simple act of lighting a candle, filling a vase with flowers, or fluffing a pillow, can change the feeling of a room. It is my hope that the pieces in Winnoby’s collection will create surroundings that are unique to you and make your home feel good.

When hand selecting each item, I think about how it will not only relate to others in the collection, but with your home’s current aesthetic. I want to make it easy to mix family heirlooms, vintage finds, or treasures from a special trip into your design. Nothing beautiful asks for attention, everything in this collection is meant to complement each other and your space to create an overall feeling of comfort and style.